Imaging events
    Events, shows, entertainments for conventions, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, both for companies and for institutional partners. From idea to achievement, managing all stages (artistic, logistics, organization), since 2002 LUCAS realizes tailor-made events: imaged, designed and developed not only for, but around a given subject, occasion or circumstance, enhancing its features and exploring its potential and identity in an unusual way. Originality, Customization and Complete management of the event are LUCAS trademarks. We work on emotions: we shape them, we drive them, we can give them the wings of technology or those of art, in the form of a multimedia installation or a performing arts event. We can use images or sound, words or light, technique or art. We can use everything together. And yet add a particular touch: ours.
    Management &Production
    Special Artists, special projects, productions
    Experience Labs & Stages
    Masterclass, labs, courses
We’ve been the first (and so far the only) to organize a big event into the crater of a subway construction site in full swing: it was in 2002. Since we liked construction sites, we repeated in 2004.

We organized the first (and so far the only, in Italy) White Night at 2,000 meters in 2006. We were the first to design and organize a festival dedicated to Emilio Salgari, with hundreds of fans from all over Italy, in 2008.

We designed and organized the first great exhibition dedicated to the social works of FIAT.

We organized the “highest” (2,300 mts.) pop concert in Italy in 2010, and we repeated in 2011 bringing up there an Oscar®-winning musician.

We connected one of the 100 most influential people in the World according to "Time" to an audience of young people across the globe and made them talk. For 4 years we’ve been organizing an event that brought in a quiet small town of 10,000 inhabitants, more than 50,000 people.

For the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy and 140th of the Railway Tunnel of Frejus we have designed and produced a large exhibition, innovative in the design of the spaces and elements, in which documents, historical reconstructions and multimedia merged.

  • Roberto Beccaria
    Roberto Beccaria
    Roberto Beccaria

    President. Rationalizer of creative processes

    “I absolutely do not know what does it mean, but it’s exactly what I do”


  • Laura Baudino
    Laura Baudino
    Laura Baudino

    Organization office.

    “Don’t call me secretary. Between phone and computer, from back office to on the ground presence during the events”


  • Roberto Rosati
    Roberto Rosati
    Roberto Rosati

    Event operation manager, marketing & communication specialist.

    “I live on bread and event organization…and I swear I eat very much!”